Aqua Ferra 100% Natural Ferruginous Mineral Water With Medical Effects 1lt (Pack of 6)

Natural Mineral water rich in mineral salts, with increased content of hydrogen carbonates, sulphates, calcium, and magnesium, very low in sodium. May be diuretic, with mild laxative effects, promotes digestion and well contributes to daily requirement of calcium and magnesium which are essential for physiological processes in the body. CL- 4.25 MG/L F- 0.85 MG/L SO42- 1050 MG/L HCO3- 964 MG/L HPO42- <0.02 MG/L NA+ 5.2 MG/L CA2+ 497 MG/L MG2+ 150 MG/L FE2+ 15.83 MG/L K+ 4.7 MG/L LI+ 0.049 MG/L NH4- <0.02 MG/L MN2+ 1.252 MG/L FREE CARBON DIOXIDE 4230 MG/L TOTAL MINERALIZATION 2739 MG/L Korytnica is a well-known registered source of healing water. It is situated in the protected area of the Low Tatras National Park at the northern slope of the Prašivá peak, where you can find several mineral springs. Kortynica was not only recognized for its drinking water but was also known as a popular curative spa resort. The spa settlement was founded in the 19th century as people started coming from all over the world to engage in its healing and curative properties for the many ailments it helped to treat.Korytnica spas are the highest situated spas in Slovakia, located 850 meters above sea level where its coldest springs can reach to temperatures between 5 – 10°C
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