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Biorepair Pro White Whitening Toothpaste MicroRepair 75ml



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Brand Biorepair

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Biorepair® is the toothpaste that actually repairs tooth enamel! Although on the surface most teeth look healthy, daily wear and tear causes hundreds of tiny flaws to appear in tooth enamel. Over time, plaque and bacteria can form in these flaws and can lead to more serious damage such as tooth decay and sensitivity. Biorepair® works to repair tooth enamel, prevent decay and reduce sensitivity by filling in the tiny cracks and binding to the structure of the enamel.

Biorepair® Fast Sensitive Repair immediately reduces dentinal sensitivity, and repairs enamel and thus closes exposed dentinal tubules. EFFECTS:
- prevents tooth decay
- prevents plaque
- removes and prevents tartar build-up
- closes the tubules, preventing thermal stimuli from reaching the tooth
- prevents enamel erosion
- prevents the loss of natural tooth whiteness.

IMPORTANT: children under six years of age can use Biorepair® without adult supervision due to the absence of Fluoride.

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