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Gum Tragacanth Premium Quality Natural Edible 100g



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MPN GumTragacanth
Brand Gum Tragacanth

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Gum Tragacanth Premium Quality Natural Edible 100g

100% Natural in whole pieces and you can easily grind them as much as you need at home to maintain freshness every time.

It is essential ingredient for any sugar crafters to make sugar paste, gum paste or modelling paste. It makes sugar paste flexible and easy to work with. Modelling sugar paste made with Gum Tragacanth will be pliable, elastic and helps to protect figures from cracking.

In food industry Gum tragacanth is used as food additive. Emulsifier, stabiliser and thickener are the main functionalities of this gum.

In confectionery, gum tragacanth is use as a binder and emulsifier in lozenges production to bring cohesion to the tablet and better release of the flavour.

For icings gum tragacanth is part of many formulations. The gum binds the water in high sugar solids systems. This moisture retention prevents drying, flaking and cracking of the icings.
In pharmaceutical applications, gum tragacanth is a thickener and suspending agent for syrups, lotions and tablets.
Gum tragacanth is used for its viscosity and film forming properties in cosmetics for hair fixator creams often in association with other natural gums.

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