Secure payment

We currently accept; Cash on Delivery, Bank transfer or Paypal

4. Terms of Payment
4.1 All accounts, unless agreed otherwise, are payment on delivery (payment can be made by cash or bank transfer).
4.2 The Customer may apply for a credit account after a minimum of three months trading with the Company. The decision to open a credit account will depend on suitable references and cross references with a Credit Agency and, until such favorable decision is made, the Customer will continue as payment on delivery.
4.3 The terms of the credit account are all invoices of one calendar month are due for payment on the 15th day of the following

4.4 The Customer must settle all accounts in accordance with agreed terms. In the event of the Customer account being in arrears, the account will be placed on hold and the Company reserves the right to withhold further deliveries of goods.
4.5 The Company has the right to start legal proceedings to recover any outstanding amount without prior notice and the right to exchange information with credit agencies.
4.5 In the event of the payment due to the Company being dishonored, a charge of £30 will be made to the Customer's account to cover the bank and administrative costs.
4.6 The Company may accept payment by cash, credit card, debit card, cheque, banker's draft, bank transfer, CHAPS or BACS.
4.7 The maximum amount of cash that will be accepted is £8,500.
4.8 The maximum cash payment by coins allowed by one customer is £60 in £1 or £2 coins only.