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Truffle Hunter Truffle Jar Selection 160g Total Weight



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This beautiful selection of truffle products from Truffle Hunter contains 3 jars of extremely versatile truffle products, making this set a wonderful present for gourmet friends and relatives or simply to add a little something extra to home cooked meals.
  • Minced Black Truffle, 50g
  • White Truffle Honey, 60g
  • Black Truffle & Porcini Salsa, 50g

Truffle Hunter are a UK based family food business who source their truffles in Northern and Central Italy. Their suppliers come from families who have been involved in truffle hunting for generations. Two or even three generations of Truffle hunters often occupy the same large family home, handing down the closely guarded secrets of their trade and inculcating the next generation into the mysteries of the art.

Pure bred Lagotto Romagnolo dogs are used to help search for the truffles with puppies being introduced and taught to “fetch” summer truffles from a very early age.

Different soil types determine how deep Truffles are found. In Umbria and Le Marche black winter truffles are generally found just under the surface of the ground, up to a maximum depth of 10cm, whereas white truffles are found much deeper, sometimes at up to 60cm below ground.

Once found, the truffles are cool packed and immediately shipped for optimum freshness. Truffle hunter are the only company manufacturing truffle products in the UK, and their products are becoming widely recognised throughout the UK restaurant scene. Using only the finest truffle's available, Truffle Hunter quality simply cannot be beaten.

Country of Origin: Italy

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